Monday, September 27, 2010

New Digs x

Amethyst hand carved skull head pendant, amethyst and silver pinkie ring, Turquoise cross with babyanything silver peace sign pendant, Surfing Saint Christopher pendant from Hawaii x

Custom made zinc and Swarovski stone ring

Custom made zinc and Swarovski stone cuff

So I finally got myself in order and started to decorate my new room....

In the flesh x

The Mother rocks a Scanlan and Theodore blouse, Country Road skirt, Chloe' sandals, Marc Jacobs bag, a mix of Dinosaur Designs and Tiffany & Co silver and gold bangles.
I was thinking that since I'd posted so many pics of the Mothers House,  should show you the mother in the flesh.
Showing off the canary yellow Marc Jacobs bag I got her in NYC she's looking hot!

The Mothers Palace x 5

 The final post from the mothers paradise x

The Mothers Palace x 3

More snaps from the mothers coastal paradise x

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Future Husband x

My future husband, Jake Ryan!!!
16 Candles, best movie EVER!!!

The mothers palace x

More photos from our family home now I realize where I got my obsession with skateboards from, thanks to the Mother x

52 suburbs x

So last week I had a visit from the lovely Louise from the blog, she was doing a feature on Paddington and snapped me at work. Wow, I really know how to hold a vase hey?

Monday, September 6, 2010

The mothers palace x

After combing through the 'Selby' and getting major excited about all the amazing spaces I could get inspiration from for my new house, I returned to my mum's house to my old room and realized that I was actually living in a PALACE!
I should have remembered the reaction I got from friends when I brought them home and took them on the house tour, they were all gob-smacked and always remarked how it wasn't anything like their houses.
Damn straight! I realized I was living in a spread from 'Vogue Living'!!!!
This is my room...

Heart on your sleeve x

These are two of the heart bangles I made as part of an exhibition a few years back.
There are eight bangles in total, I made four and I had other artists collaborate on the remaining four.
The babyanything bangle is the red swarovski encrusted piece, (of course it is), the one with the zombie heads is by my tattooist daveundead.. amazing.