Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get wristed x

Babyanything Small Skull ring, tiffany & co heart ring, gifted bracelets.

I hate being in pain. I hate surgery.
However... I love presents.
When I was 10yrs old I had to have the first of 8(!?!) root canal therapies on my teeth. Even though the pain was dreadful, I flat out refused to have the surgery, so the mother bribed me with my first pair of Dr Martens 8 hole boots.

Needless to say I got the teeth fixed, and several other pairs of shoes as time went on (only now do I realize what an expensive kid I was).

So the trend has continued in our family, when one is very ill we shop for them in a bid to raise the spirits.
When I was in hospital last week looking like a train wreck post surgery, the mother and sister surprised me with this amazing heart bracelet as a way to cheer me up.

I couldn't wait to get the drips out of my arms and be well enough to wear it, so it certainly did aid in my recovery!

Not only was I spoilt with the heart bracelet but then the sister got me these rad tassled bracelets and the new Sass & Bide for Bloom nailpolish.
The rest of the body may still be battle scarred and bruised, but my wrists and nails look freakin fantastic!!!

Photos by becauseimaddicted, carolinesmode, cindywhitehead, theyallhateus

After being so chuffed with my own hand accessories I kinda fell into a bit of wrist porn. Enjoy x

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cabin fever x

Stevie Dance
Penny.... Hmm Adam

Some of the great pics are from

So after being locked indoors for the whole week recovering I have to thank everyone for their lovely well wishes!
As a reward a made this HUGE post full of things that make me happy x x