Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot skulls x

My favourite Melbourian Courtney caught rockin her new babyanything Skull ring.
Keep it up x

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heart on your sleeve Bracelet x

Meet the amazing side-kick to the babyanything 'Heart Ring', introducing the 'Heart on your sleeve' bracelet.

925 Fine Silver
One size

To order please email me at
Paypal, direct deposit available.

Skulls out x

Ahhhhh! Finally two more babyanything pieces join the already disfuctional family of my jewellery designs.

The first is this amazing 'Fine Skull' ring.
 925 fine silver 
I have only made the one so far in ring size R ( inside circumference of R is 58.9 mm)
Use the ring chart in this link to see other ring size  measurements.
If you would like to order another size you may do so, please include the desired size in the email order.
Re-sizing will incur an extra $10.

To order please email me at
Paypal, direct deposit available.

5 inch and up... jewel crush x

Man, I would kill to ransack the girl from the 5 inch and up blog's  jewellery collection. Although I hardly need anymore.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bionic woman x

Dinosaur Designs is ON FIRE at the moment! I know there are alot of die-hard fans who have followed the brand for the 25 years it has been going strong, but if your new to Dino, get on board!
There has been a huge amount of  editorial interest in recent collections and this amazing shoot in June Vogue is no exception.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Night of the living dead x

Do yourself a favour and check out the amazing job Michelle Jank did of styling the Bec and Bridge
2010/11 Australian fashion week show. It's all Dinosaur Designs!
There are some pieces from the Sun Collection which is in-store now, but there are some exclusive pieces taken from the
upcoming BONE range, seriously... when I saw Bone for the first time I thought about stealing all the necklaces and skipping the country, they are full on tribal, anatomical and totally covetable.
Bone drops in Dinosaur Retail stores in October.
Until then, check out the full show coverage below x