Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kiss kiss x Bang bang x

I love Terry Richardson. It's official. I think that he and I share that same thing in our brains that attracts us to 'dirty' things.
Not saying that I am a pervert or anything, infact in day to day life the boyfriend sometimes labels me a prude, but when it comes to art I like it filthy.  Terry's work has appealed to me for years and it just keeps getting better, more graphic and raw. It's like he captures the moment with a model right before the image turns to porn, right there on the cusp, so it is still desirable to the Vogue audience. Terry keeps a wicked photo diary on his website which is worth a perv every now and then. Each time I visit the website I have to stop myself from emailing a request to model for him, because I'm sure it's dirty work.

Friday, January 22, 2010


A little while ago, I found my personality perfected in a pair of heels.
I have search high and low, always finding them to be SOLD OUT.
Today me and my 'Sole Mate' were united.
Presenting the one and only Jeffery Campbell 'Tick'.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jewels... Jealous!

I'm crushing on stylist Kate Young's house and jewels as featured on theselby x

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Away with the fairies x

Yuk. Along with the new year came lots of work for me that has stopped me from taking as many pictures and blogging as much as I want. So I managed to come across some gem's on my sisters blog that I had to pinch, after all I am the jeweller in the family and a regularly pimp her out in babyanthing x

BSB saved me.

So lately as the boyfriends international travel looms above my head I have started to think about moving....
Whilst it's lovely having time to one's shelf, even the most independent personalities get lonely...
I have started thinking of the benefits of living with girlfriends.. the constant company, the clothes swapping, the outfit approval, the cupcake cooking marathons, the sex & the city/ true blood/gossip girl DVD comas.

I forgot how wonderful it is to not make plans. I had the day off today and did nothing. I mean, I cleaned, I read, and then I took a little walk around the area I was thinking of so carelessly leaving behind.....

The Hills. I live in Surry Hills Sydney and after today, I'm staying.

This what the layout of our apartment looks like. ( This is not our actual apartment, trust me there are allot more guitars and artworks on our walls).
I adore the space in which we live and today on my walk I found another big reason to stay.
Bourke Street Bakery.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with sweets.
I could survive on a diet of cake and milkshakes alone.
Once I saw the treats on offer, I knew this area would be my home forever x

Saturday, January 9, 2010



So it's official. I have an art crush.
His name is James Jirat Patradoon and we are perfect for each other.
I love skulls, he draws em! I love sneakers, he customises em! I love murals, he paints em!
My personal favourite has to be the mexican wrestling masks made out of popular culture patches.

I went to his gallery show the other night at KINOKUNIYA and it was packed! As in couldn't breath, couldn't drink, couldn't move. All the same people were there, but finally the art was different, it was original and I wanted it ALL .
It is a shame I am broke, because as a jeweller silver is not cheap and as a shopper my taste is expensive.
I would have purchased at least 3 prints of skeletons wearing leather jackets and ray-bans.
I wonder if he's considered a barter system. After all a fist full of silver skulls, for a few prints seems a pretty good trade to me x
check him out at

Friday, January 1, 2010

Skull necklaces x x

You will all be happy to know that I have just started work on some amazing skull necklaces for babyanything. One was a custom piece I made for the boyfriend for the 2008 Big Day Out tour, luckily for you and me both, he is letting me use it for the new range.
Stay tuned x

Happy New Year!!!!!

So last night was new years eve, the boyfriend was playing a festival in Melbourne so I was left to my own devices. The girls and I went to a rad party on the other side of the bridge and hollered when fireworks went off! It was a lovely way to start to the year x

I took my outfit inspiration from one of the big fashion cards of 09, Miss Alexa Chung.

This is the closest I'll get to Alexa I think. 
Alice in the Eve dress, vintage sandals, Babyanything handmade belt.

Happy Holidays x

Did we even have Christmas? It flew past in a flurry of tissue paper, hugs and long freeway drives home.
At least I'll remember the outfit x

 Christmas day. American Apparel Bodysuit, Sass & Bide pants, Neckpiece custom made by the mother x