Monday, June 28, 2010

Age before beauty x

I pimped out the grandfathers hands on Saturday. He is the cutest. He was a boat builder in his younger days, and this has left him well and truly weathered by the storm. I love his wrinkles, they are like journeys on a map.

Beach side shoe debut x

I'm cracking a major chubby for my new shoes. 

Dreamboat x

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cross my heart x

Here are the latest creations from babyanything.
I just finished polishing them and will work on the chains soon.
Stay tuned x

A model citizen x



This post is an ode to the coast's own super-model my mate Shan.
She modeled for Oneteaspoon last year at fashion week and I forgot how rad she looked, and how much I coveted the skull tiara she got to wear.
She also modeled for the babyanything look-book, although all you can see is her pelvis! 
The best thing about Shan is that she is just as gorgeous on the inside.
Girls love to get their jealous on when Shan's around x

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tex Mex x

I absolutely adore these pictures from studdedhearts, not really for the clothes but more the amazing mexican day of the dead props in the background. I was talking to a mate the other day who told me he had been there when it was the Dia de los Muertos festival, I was literally salivating when he told me about all the skulls I could get my hands on.
I was inspired by the day of the dead when I made the steer sculpture below, I have been looking at making some custom sugar skulls for an upcoming exhibition.

Crushin on Badlands x

I stumbled on a rad new blog today, badlands. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

Jealous x

How awesome is the hardwear these girls are wearing from 5 inch and up!
Loving the cross ring x

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh shit... I feel the fever x

I think we know I love tattoo's. I have been contemplating my next one for quite sometime now. First I only wanted pieces on the right side of my body, so my hand, wrist and neck are all on the right side. Then I was sure I would only ever get red ink, only to realise that red ink bleeds into the skin so it's not ideal.
I really want some knuckle ones done, but it's taking ages for me to take the plunge.
Now I have another idea. It's totally mental. The mother will kill me, the sister will slap me, but I'm 95% sure it will be perfect.
Stay tuned x

They all love to hate us x

The sister snapped me before a night out last week and posted it on her blog She let me borrow her willow jacket. Now I'm having severe withdrawals. How did I dress myself before the willow?

Vote or die x

Get tapping on your keyboard to vote for my AMAZING sis Elle and the awesome Tash, they are up for an award at Cosmo mag for their blog x 

Cross my heart x

I am just about to finish some rand new necklaces. A super cute pendant which is half peace sign half heart.
Is there a more perfect coupling?

Stay tuned to purchase x

Nuff said x

Dance related injury x

Perhaps I brought it on myself?
All this talking about having a crazy night out and I got myself injured.
It's not exactly like a took a bullet, in truth a dear friend stamped her stiletto heel into my toe, neatly ripping skin and nail from said toe. I was wearing my Jeffery Campbells, shoes so tall I thought it impossible anyone could have stepped up that high.
 But I will take the injury, the stitches and the tetnis shot that came afterwards as battle scars.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rise from the ashes x

So I've been in hibernation for a bit. Funny how when one thing in your life changes, everything else follows. I had one huge thing change and the impact has been like a tsunami.
But I've got my shit together now and I'm ready to roll.

It is a dear friend of mine's birthday tonight so we are hitting the town.
Outfits have been chosen, presents bought and drinking games decided upon.

I feel like dancing tonight, so an intergral part of my outfit is based on dance worthing heels.
After careful consideration I have decided upon my Jeffery Campbell 'ticks', they are so high that they make it possible for you to bust out hip hop booty shakin butt moves without even having to move your feet.
I'm super keen for some old Missy Elliot, mixed in with some Joy Division.

I have a funny feeling this might just be the next picture I post tomorrow, my mug shot.

Fuck being sad.
I'm ready to party.