Thursday, October 4, 2012


Babyanything Beautifully Cool photoshoot.

Photography Mikey Andersson
Hair and Make up Phoebe Barrett
Models Jojo Radford and Ami Morris
Styling Lucie Ferguson
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Meet my muses. 
When I design my jewellery I think of what I would like to wear, mostly badass bikie inspired pieces that I could have stolen from a boyfriends bedside table. Then the pretty pieces, my mind wanders off to a Midsummer field where all I want is delicate gold and silver rings lightly stacked on both hands and my hair in braids. In reality I never make it to that field- instead the hair stays messy and the fine rings get stacked on with the bikie  rings and I head to the pub for a cider or the beach for a swim.

When I did this shoot however, I felt I gained two muses.

Jojo is a dream. Not only does he have the most incredible collection of tattoos and the ability to look like he is super rough and tumble but he is also has a beautiful soul.
The fact that he was scottish meant that he didn't have that 'holier than thou' thing that Australian guys seem to have. He was ready to do anything we asked, from getting lathered in moisturiser to standing shirtless in freezing temperatures, nothing was a bother.  
Every piece of jewellery I put on Jo just looked like it was made for him. When I am thinking of mens pieces to make now, I think of them on Jo.

Ami. Whoa. In photos she comes across with a stare that could break glass. Behind the scenes she would burst into a fit of laughter at any moment. She had the Blondie vibe to pull off the tougher pieces and then switched on the angel charm for the more romantic shots. She is a tornado that is gaining strength.

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