Thursday, October 28, 2010

GIve peace a chance x

So I just finished working on a new charm. It's the heart/peace one.
So I'm back. And I swear I'm not lazy. Just busy.

It's an addiction x

So it hasn't even been a full 12 hours since I preached about giving up sugar and already I'm CRAVING it like wildfire.
Before I could stop myself I had copied and pasted this picture ready for a post. I know it's the enticing, angelic clouds of pink sugary fairy floss that my body was first attracted to, but it's the oneteaspoon denim shorts that we know are my other private addiction, so I decided to keep it. After all I'm kicking one habit at a time kids x

Thanks to mandy and elle for the sympathy x

Teeth are the devils work x

Oh my god! This past week I have literally been in HELL! It is unquestionably a hell of my own making though.
I eat SHIT LOADS of lollies. Gallons. Tonnes. All my friends will tell you that lollies, cakes and chocolates are all I live on.
For this pesky little addiction I have forked out over $20,000 in dentist bills. 
Now the final straw, I had to get one of the teeth I had already had 2 root canal therapies on, so in total the little bitch cost me $6325 and it had to be ripped out anyway.

So no more excessive cake eating.

No more lollies or I'll end up looking like this guy.

From now on closed mouth smiles ONLY. Tooth gapped grins are for pirates and Amy Whinehouse.

Or maybe I should just get all my teeth replaced by gold grills like this sexy bitch?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ebay clear-out x

I'm having a massive clear out of some of my cute clothes and shoes on ebay.. I'm selling Alpha60 and Subtitled mini's Sass & Bide tops, insight maxi dresses and the Mimi loves Jimi shoes from the above post... hit the link below only a couple of days left on auction!!!

Check my other auctions I'm seller luciegirl85 x x

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

baby got business x

So I'm trying to get my ass into gear and get some new babyanything business cards made and I'm totally digging this flyer off litter. I like it's old-worldly-ness.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

lets fxxx in my bed x

An ode to a certain green haired lady x
via 'letsfuckinmybed'

It's all in the details x

Myself and the ladies are going out tonight, no doubt we will act like ratbags.. I NEED these Balmain outfits!

Bewitched x

Escape. What a fabulous word. When I see it I feel a stirring in my soul. 
I think of long road trips with buddies up the coast, hot summers in the band van with five sweaty guys and me, hills hoist clothes lines with flanno's flapping in the breeze, huge barrels  full of semi precious stones at the Elephant shop, frangipanis in a pink porcelain float bowl, ping pong tournaments in the sticky heat, red velvet curtains at the half way stop motel, curls tickling my nose as I'm drifting off to sleep, pre-beach Slurpee stops at the servo, felicity marathons on the old mattress, short shorts and even shorter attention spans.

Take me, I'm ready to go.

Pics. cutupmycreditcard

Simply Red x

Current obsession= Little Red "Slow Motion"

Saturday, October 9, 2010