Friday, March 30, 2012

WHOA! Hey babes! It's been a while since I've given the blog some love. I have been bound to the jewellery bench making and I've opened a webstore.

Hope you like it! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Destiny x

Whoa. I know I have been absent from blog land lately.
I have been busy making some new pieces .
First up the 'Destiny Rings'.

All handmade by me in either 925 Sterling Silver or 9ct Yellow Gold.
They are superfine multi-finger rings with a rope effect.

I have sizes available that are already made or contact me with special requirements for additional sizes.

I will provide the internal circumference for the sizes below, however I strongly recommend you visit your local jewellery shop to have your finger measured.

XX-Small sizes fit the top half of your pinky finger.
X Small fits the top half of your ring finger.
Small fits the top half of the index, middle and ring fingers.
Medium fits the base of your ring/middle fingers.
Large fits the bottom of your index/ middle fingers.

BABYANYTHING Destiny Rings in 925 Sterling Silver $52
XX-Small Size A Inside Circumference 37.8mm 
X Small Size E 42.9mm
X Small Size E 1/2 43.6mm
Small Size F 1/2 44.8mm
Small Size H 46.8mm
Medium Size L 51.2mm
Large Size M 52.5mm
Large Size N 53.8

BABYANYTHING Destiny rings in 9ct Yellow Gold $82
Small Size F 1/2 Inside Circumference 44.8mm
Small Size H 46.8mm
Medium Size J 1/2 49.3mm
Medium Size K 50mm
Large Size N 53.8

Postage is $10 for Australian Express Post. International postage will be quoted per order.
Please email at to purchase.

PS. I will have a webstore up and running in the next couple of weeks to make this process much easier for all of us, I just couldn't wait that long before I shared these with you x 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Next Chapter x

All jewellery Sterling silver BABYANYTHING. Photos by me x

I've got a secret. Well actually I have several at the moment but one big one will see BABYANYTHING finally get the attention it deserves.