Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Dream x

My montage to an upcoming USA dream trip. 

 babyanything Wolf ring, Shield ring and Heart Peace Pendant on hand.

Blue eyes x

Dreaming of roadtrips down dirt roads to secluded beaches, long walks and skipping stones.

I'm going camping with my mates this weekend and we will have tent sleepovers, salt crusted hair, morning cook ups, late night boozy chats and lots and lots of silliness! 

Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get it on x

I've been behind the bench a little bit lately so I needed to purge some of this inspiration I've been getting x

Colour therapy x

Blah Blah Blah x

Hello?!? I have been preaching this for years! But they are attracted to tits and ass also.

lame but cute.
It might be all you have.
Ummmm yep, this is me! The super confident girl who spots someone cute in a bar then just shy's away stealing awkward glances all night and getting yelled at by her boy-confident friends for being a chicken! I'm talking about you shananagan!

Pin-up x

Just a little sneak peek at part of my current inspiration board x 

Friday, February 24, 2012

J.D this is for you x

One of the hottest males I know, and the one with the most beautiful soul loves 'The Drums'. 
I love 'The Drums' too.

Is it wrong to want to marry him? 

Ps. Much to the distaste of the female population of Sydney he bats for the other team... WHY?!? WHY!?! 

All of my gay male friends are to-die-for gorgeous and kind and have fabulous music tastes ( outside of the usual GAGA, Kylie etc).
I guess in the far off future my kids will just have 5 fabulous 'uncles' who can teach them how to be sensitive, skateboard, shave, and have impeccable style x

Time and place x

I'm beyond excited.

It is my birthday tomorrow.
My favourite band is playing.
I'm going.

The stars have aligned for me this year.

I can't wait to get my 'emo' on.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Shady Lady x

Photos by Elle from theyallhateus
Wearing Bec and Bridge Akubra hat, Noen Hart singlet, Dinosaur Designs Silver necklace, Babyanything Fine skull ring and Small skull ring both Sterling silver, leather friendship bracelets from Bali.

x x 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Songs for Impossibly Good looking girls x


Some Dony x

Photos by babyanything.

Introducing the carefully curated Dony. 

He has an American accent.
He is has such a warm disposition, he lights up every room he enters.
He has no knowledge of Australian Cinema (he will get a rude shock when he watches Puberty Blues and Blackrock the two movies I suggested).
He has an innate sense of style that is far too superior for our shores.

In short... the man can dress! 

I have only had the pleasure of knowing Dony for a few months but I am so happy he came into my life, he is the friend you would want to take to the boring dinner party you have been dreading, knowing anything will be fun as long as he is there.

He can dance like a bitch! The brother has some serious moves that make all the girls (and guys) want to bump and grind just to keep up with him.

In light of the recent loss of one of my favorite musical secret singalongs I dedicate this song to you Dony...

I would just change the lyrics to
'OOOOOOOoo I wanna dance with someDONY, I wanna feel the heat with someDONY. OOOOooo I wanna dance with someDONY, with someDONY who loves me x x

Man perfection x

Photo by babyanything.
Sneak peek of soon to come post on my darling friend Dony.

Dony is all about details. The man is PURE perfection.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sinead See's..... me x

I'm wearing American Apparel dress, Sass & Bide belt, Dinosaur Designs bangles and sandals from my new venture in the works 

So we all know I love taking pictures of other people, but I forgot what it's like to be in front of the camera.

Luckily I LOVE the lady that was behind the lense that snapped me on a lunch break in Surry Hills.

This lady is worth watching. This lady has a blog that is worth following.

She is a triple threat. 
- Freakishly talented painter
- Head of Design and Development at my work
- Crazy ass Irish expat

Seriously though, if you have a love of design, fall in love with her perspective on the world

Pink Lady x

 The eternally stylish Eleanor strikes again.
What I love about Eleanor's style is that she dresses in a 'look' day to day. Somedays it will be quirky 70's songstress in a long printed maxi with heidi braids. Other days it's sexy librarian with a demure frock and glasses, until she turns around and you see the cut out's which reveal just the right amount of flesh on her back to drive book nerds wild.

Eleanor wears: Left hand: Dinosaur Designs pink resin/veneer bangles, Vintage silver ring. Right hand: Babyanything heart ring, Karen Walker cat ring, Vintage watch.
This day was a bit of a vintage pink party, personally I like to see it as an homage to Molly Ringwald in 'Pretty in Pink'both for the colour but also the lace and waist belt. Any other girl would have looked like a musk stick with all of this pink, but Eleanor still looked like the coolest kid in town.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Me in a GIF!

Lunch break x

Babyanything heart ring, Peace sign necklace, ZARA shirt.

You know how it is, just sitting around at lunch making GIF's!

Winter wardrobe x

Everyone knows I am a summer baby.
My ideal wardrobe would consist of nothing but bikini's, denim shorts, band t-shirts and silk mini dresses.
 But if I could wear this jumper to keep me warm, I would seriously consider the colder climates x

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Big Wednesday x

Insight dress, VANS sneakers, Zara bag, Dinosaur Designs blue bangles, babyanything skull sterling silver bangle, all rings are sterling silver from babyanything x

I know its technically Thursday but hell this is a beach post and Big Wednesday is one of the best surf movies!

I thought I'd post some of the other photos the sister and I took the other day to give you an insight into where I live.

x x