Monday, February 22, 2010

Bali on the Horizon

Photos by Carter Smith

shot by laurie bartley for Elle

So the mother and I are gearing up for a massive business trip to Bali. When the mother, the sister and I go shopping or are just hanging around the city we are constantly asked by passers by where our clothes/accessories are from. The answers are usually either, I made it, the mother made it or the sister customised it. So the mother and I are going on a mission to bring our style to the world one garment or accessory at a time. I'm so exicted to be able to finally have the pieces I have been dreaming about for years, because I'll be making them.
First item on the list.....
Emerald suede slouch pixie boots.

Special mention to cindy whitehead and her blog where these amazing pics are from x

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