Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skulls out x

Ahhhhh! Finally two more babyanything pieces join the already disfuctional family of my jewellery designs.

The first is this amazing 'Fine Skull' ring.
 925 fine silver 
I have only made the one so far in ring size R ( inside circumference of R is 58.9 mm)
Use the ring chart in this link to see other ring size  measurements.
If you would like to order another size you may do so, please include the desired size in the email order.
Re-sizing will incur an extra $10.

To order please email me at babyanything@gmail.com.
Paypal, direct deposit available.


  1. Sold lovely Lucie!!
    I'll purchase the ring. Just sent you an email
    Courtney xx

  2. love how is this more delicate but still bad ass. love it!

  3. Thanks guys! Ha ha Courtney, your collection is going to rival mine eventually I think!

  4. Haha Lucie! I could try but i think you've got a great head start :) xx