Friday, June 11, 2010

Rise from the ashes x

So I've been in hibernation for a bit. Funny how when one thing in your life changes, everything else follows. I had one huge thing change and the impact has been like a tsunami.
But I've got my shit together now and I'm ready to roll.

It is a dear friend of mine's birthday tonight so we are hitting the town.
Outfits have been chosen, presents bought and drinking games decided upon.

I feel like dancing tonight, so an intergral part of my outfit is based on dance worthing heels.
After careful consideration I have decided upon my Jeffery Campbell 'ticks', they are so high that they make it possible for you to bust out hip hop booty shakin butt moves without even having to move your feet.
I'm super keen for some old Missy Elliot, mixed in with some Joy Division.

I have a funny feeling this might just be the next picture I post tomorrow, my mug shot.

Fuck being sad.
I'm ready to party.


  1. Glad to hear everything is good Lucie!!
    Enjoy your weekend and your party.


  2. You are such a cutie court x stay tuned I think you'll enjoy the new pieces coming.......