Wednesday, August 25, 2010

babyanything lookbook x

babyanything look book x

Heart on your sleeve bracelet x

Meet the amazing side-kick to the babyanything 'Heart Ring', introducing the 'Heart on your sleeve' bracelet.

925 Fine Silver
One size

Fine Skull Ring 

 'Fine Skull' ring
 925 fine silver 

Heart On Ring
925 Sterling Silver

Skullxcross Necklace
Sterling Silver Charm and Chain

Heart Out Pendant 

925 Sterling Silver on fine curb 925 Sterling Silver chain $69

Skulls Out Bangle $205
This bad boy is 925 Sterling Silver and hand crafted by yours truly. 

Email me asap with your interest as I make each piece by hand.


  1. where can i purchase your pieces?

  2. Hi, I make all pieces to order. Please contact me at for more information x

  3. Hi There,
    Love yor peice was wondering do you make these to order?

    Please reply to:

    Regards, Holly