Monday, November 15, 2010

Balmy Bali for 2threads x x

No I'm not dead. But thanks for asking... In fact I have been very busy in Bali sourcing new materials  and working on new design projects for babyanything in Bali for the past two weeks.
I got a sneaky email from the lovely ladies at asking me to do a post dedicated to 'getting ready to go out'!
Now we know if I was on Sydney soil there would have been a bunch of pictures showing studs, denim and a bucket load of silver hardware as accessories, but seeing as I am in the beautiful Bali land, I went a bit tropical x 

Every morning you MUST have a swim before contemplating the plans for the day.
Trying to get the right outfit for the day... keep in mind it's 32 degrees...
But steamy Seminyak got the better of me and I had to change and take a break..
Weighed down with all my amazing finds for the night ahead..
A twilight swim to cool down..
A beachside cocktail or two to start off the night, wearing my new $2 million rupee dress
I piled on some samples from the new babyanyhing range, mixed with a few favourites.
After a few too many 'Kuta Sunrise' cocktails at a couple of bars in Canngu and Echo Beach we wandered back down the beach home to Seminyak.

Do the 2threads ladies and yourself a favour by checking out this link Smirnoff to go in the running to win $5000 to plan a massive night out for you and your friends x 

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