Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jeweller Crush x

Ladies and Gentlemen, a really cool person I know tipped me off about Nicholas Potash a jeweller from the U.S.A who makes stuff I am drooling over.

I always joked that I would be making my own engagement and wedding rings because I never see anything out there by contemporary jewellers with enough attitude for me... until now x
These rings were custom wedding bands made to fit the brides Cartier engagement ring.
Garnet, moonstone and Citrine.

This ring is SO major! It is my favorite for sure.
It is two 14k Ouroboros holding a Alexandrite stone.

Nicks own custom Zippo 

I am totally digging this 2 finger silver and bronze ring. It has a vintage MAMBO look to it I think ( auzzies will know what I'm on about) 

Silver, onyx and garnet ring.

I have to stop trawling his website because I am going into pleasure overload. This is like jewellery porn!
Check it out for yourself