Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is for all the.....'s x

I've got a fair bit of stuff going down in my world at the moment and I feel like there is so much anger brewing inside of me.
Just today I posted on facebook asking if anyone knew of a local shooting range. I got some pretty hilarious responses, including an offer of methadone. But before you think I'm a danger to society I just thought I would like to expel some of this anger out into the universe, by pulling a trigger.

Instead of misdirecting my anger at the dumb-ass driver in front of me or the slow-ass waiter who screwed up my lunch order, or the spaced out yoga teacher who crapped on for 45mins about the inner child instead of getting into some much needed Warrior one pose.

I know I'm angry at the universe, for dealing me a hand that I don't think is fair.

But it still doesn't excuse all those other idiots. I'll just mutter 'motherfucker' under my breath and carry on with me day.

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