Saturday, August 11, 2012

One night at the ROXY x

Sooooo I made a little purchase... Although the only thing 'little' about it was the length!
I strolled into ACNE to pick up a sweater I had been waiting for ( more on that later) and then I spied this little number. The Roxy leather mini is me personified in a piece of clothing.
I didn't want to try it on because I know that I would love it and I couldn't afford it, but unluckily for me I had my sister and mum with me who shoved me into the change room and the rest was history!

I purchased the jumper on the spot and layby'd the Roxy. I justified it by that fact that I was going in for surgery the following week and it would be something to look forward to when I had recovered. Plus it would stop me from eating pig when I was trying to get better- gotta make sure I can still squeeze into the Roxy!
I buy all my ACNE pieces from the Paddo store but do yourself a favour and have a perve at the skirt here

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