Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blue Valentine x

You know the saying "it just hit me", referring to a feeling that comes over you in response to something happening around you? 
After seeing this film today I had that feeling. I felt like I'd been hit, but hit with a Mack truck or a bullet.
God. I don't think I can even list the adjectives that apply to this movie.
Raw. Real. Relevant.
It follows two characters and the destruction of their relationship.
Fuck! it hits the nail on the head in every gut wrenching detail.
I'm sure reactions will be varied for people with different life circumstances, but for me the story line intersected with so many parts of my life that it actually scared the shit out of me.
Some elements were like little glimpses of ghosts from my childhood that are neatly tucked away in the too hard basket.
Other parts cemented some of the hardest decisions I have EVER made as being the right ones.
After I left I had two distinct feelings-
1. Was almost like someone had dumped two big slabs of stone on my shoulders and I slunk out of the cinema, heavy with emotion.
2. I had a lightness inside. It was almost like the film gave me a glimpse into the future. A possible road I could have travelled with someone until fate stepped in and I called it quits.
I felt like I had a 'get out of jail free' card and I had used it on that situation and in hindsight I knew I had done the right thing.
So I guess it gave me reflection and clarity.
The acting is BRILLIANT. The cinematography is brutal, you feel like there is nowhere for the characters to hide. At some points I wanted to cover my eyes as the scene was almost to private to watch.
Of course I was in love with Ryan Gosling in the film. His character Dean ticks all my superficial boxes,
 A. Obviously ridiculously good looking after all it is Ryan.
B. Brooklyn accent. This reaffirmed my plans to live in NYC.
C. Covered in homemade tattoos. I can't help this one, I know it's strange. The mother is convinced I'm going to be one of those women that marries a serial killer from jail. 
There is just something about the home tattoos that are unconventional. Tattoos are so mainstream now it has become rare to find someone without one, so the homemade tatt's in my opinion are kind of a 'fuck you' to the millions of rat bags out there with star signs or southern cross tattoos adorning their lower hip or ankle.
They don't want the tattoo to be 'cool', it's not gonna cement their status as 'hardcore'. They don't need it done in a parlor by an artist so some kid on the street can recognise that persons work and therefore bestow credit onto the client wearing it. 
They want the tattoo. They get it. It's that simple.
Sure they are messy, painful and the colour bleeds out like mine, but personally that adds to the attraction.
I'm going to get down on my whinging soap box now and tell you to see this movie. Just don't go expecting to feel good when you leave. You'll just feel...different.
At the very least you get to stare at Ryan for a couple of hours and that can never be too bad x

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