Monday, December 27, 2010

Dreaming of Bali x

Vintage fur vest. Dress from bali. Hunter suede ballet flats.
It's torture here! It is meant to be the middle of the Australian Summer, so sweltering hot days spent at the beach and sticky nights spent drinking with the girls.
However it's so cold I'm wearing FUR!!!!!
I couldn't bare putting jeans on in a protest against winter rearing it's ugly head so I put on one of my beautiful Bali purchases, a hippie vibe rayon dress and it lifted my spirits instantly.
I piled on a selection of my silver rings ( just incase I needed to kick winters ass) and battled the crowds at the post xmas sales with the sister.

The ladies in the store where my dress is from in Bali were gorgeous, stunning in fact. In true Bali style the people have such warm personalities that they transfer into their appearance.
These ladies insisted that we get a photo together as they couldn't believe I was as young as I said I was, or that I wasn't married! After I stopped laughing at both of these observations I noticed how long and amazing one ladies hair was.
I wanted to pack them both into my suitcase and bring them back to Australia with me.
Too cute x

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