Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nailed it x

Only recently I was on the hunt for some Chrome Nails and my favourite Junior in the world, who also doubles as IN STYLE magazines Beauty Ed send me a care package full of these new nail stickers!?! from Sally Hansen called 'Salon Effects'. I tried these puppies out and I was hooked. They stick onto your nails and then harden like polish. The best thing about them is they are virtually indestructible! 
I love nail polish, the crazier the colour the better but it's the daily upkeep that makes changing polish a drag.
I had these one for at least a week and not a chip!

They come in a rainbow of colours, although some are even to ghetto for me- fishnet stocking nails anyone?

I'm thinking next time I've got some Rhianna pumping I'll put on the Zebra print x 

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