Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pickleback x

Left hand: babyanything Wolf ring sterling silver $130
Left hand from top: babyanything Wolf Ring $130, Heart Ring $50, Sheild Ring $160
Right Hand on thumb: babyanything Fine Skull Ring $125
All rings sterling silver
Right Arm: babyanything Skulls Out Bangle $205 Sterling Silver
All shots by Shannon Graham. 

We hit the town for my birthday. 
It hit us right back.


  1. ok this looks beyond amazing....seriously yuo just made my day...a freaking amaizng!!!

  2. hope you had a great birthday, I absolutely love these shots! thinking I need one of the baby anything shield rings in my life...

  3. Lucie hope you had a great birthday lovely girl ...It looks like you celebrated like a true Pisces !!!