Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bali Belly x

I'm dreaming of my next Bali trip x

Photos from google and my own x

I am looking forward to Bali again soon. 
For the warm weather.
For the 'healthy' suntan.
For the massages.
For the hilariously named cocktails.
For the beautiful Balinese and our second family over there.
For the temples and sunsets.
For the weight loss that comes after eating only fruit and magnums.


For the exhaustion after the business meetings.
For the rain downpour that soaks you through to your bra.
For the nasty smells you hope you'll never smell again.
For the amazement that Balinese men have when they find out I'm not married. I say I'm too young, but to them I'm probably ancient!

Most of all in amoungst all the business I'm looking forward to time with my mum, the most amazing tour guide ever! Even to places she's never been to yet!

x x 

Sook Samur Mo Ali x

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  1. ok i need of those rings!!!

    love your blog