Sunday, June 12, 2011

My two great loves x

Combining work and play. My wonderful workplace Dinosaur Designs provides me with endless inspiration and wonderful pieces for my home and jewellery collection.
I love to style up my dino collection and make it very 'me' by throwing all my babyanything silver pieces to the mix x


  1. Your rings are amazing!!1 Where can i purchase? I live in Adelaide... but is it possible to do a mail order? Do you have a catalogue? sorry for the questions....

    love xx

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for the ring love!

    I am in the process of starting a designing a webstore at the moment so I sell all my pieces privately and send them out to people.. lucky you!
    Please check out my look book at the top of the blog and get an idea of which rings you like and then email me at and I'll let you know all the details ( postage, delivery time etc)

    x x