Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey blog-land. You know I always do posts on how wonderful the mother is?

Well she is not well and we need everyones help. 
However, as I am sure you will know by now we are not your typical family. So to raise money for the Mother's treatment we are holding a fundraising auction on EBAY from the 19th-25th September. We are calling for donations of products and services from businesses, artists and designers. We also have a bank account for the fundraiser Commonwealth bank Account Name: Lucie Ferguson BSB 062-258 ACC 1096 3295 even the smallest donation is very welcome x

Please see below for the letter we are sending businesses to start getting donations, let me know if you have any ideas or contacts that might help us, all product donated will be featured on both my blog and the my sisters blog
We have a facebook page  HERE that you should like to keep informed of the product that will be auctioned.
So far we have generous donations from designers and artists,


And lots more including babyanything jewellery!!

Check out the FOR THE LOVE OF KIM blog here

Get excited for a good cause x

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