Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow leopard x

Snow leopard Jeans from J Brand ,Singlet from neon Hart, babyanything silver shield ring, Black and White resin bangle and Black necklace Dinosaur Designs.

I know it seems weird to buy a pair of jeans in the middle of summer, but Sydney weather is f'cked these days! Hot one day, cold the next. 
I've always searched for a pair of leopard jeans but they have always been just a little bit... wrong. 
Once I spied these jeans I knew they mine!

I knew they were a good decision when I turned up to work and one of my gorgeous girls gave me a compliment- sort of -
"luc, your the only blonde I know that can wear leopard print and not look like a slut"

Well mission accomplished, I think! x

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