Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get it on x

I've been behind the bench a little bit lately so I needed to purge some of this inspiration I've been getting x


  1. Lucie it's Kendall...where did you get the images for the pastel & jeweled skull rings?! Love! Saw you got your skull book...follow me on Pintrest if you are on & I will do the same :)

    1. Hi Kendall! Thank you for the book tip, a wonderful mate of mine got it for me for Christmas it's divine! I still haven't made it all the way through yet!
      I just got those ring images off google, I sometimes just do a random search. Whats your pintrest address, I don't have it but I'm sure yours would be worth a look!

      Hope the family is still as trendy and great as ever!

      luc x

  2. Hey! Finally made it back here. I'm under Kinklek on Pinterest or maybe it shows up as Kendall Morgan... or can search from my email kendallkm@hotmail. Hope to see you in the USA one of these days xx

  3. Looking for new rings so this is great inspiration! Sculls are my fav! Love the pink neon colour.

    Thanks for sharing :) New follower!

    Style Willow
    Style Willow

    SW x