Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some Dony x

Photos by babyanything.

Introducing the carefully curated Dony. 

He has an American accent.
He is has such a warm disposition, he lights up every room he enters.
He has no knowledge of Australian Cinema (he will get a rude shock when he watches Puberty Blues and Blackrock the two movies I suggested).
He has an innate sense of style that is far too superior for our shores.

In short... the man can dress! 

I have only had the pleasure of knowing Dony for a few months but I am so happy he came into my life, he is the friend you would want to take to the boring dinner party you have been dreading, knowing anything will be fun as long as he is there.

He can dance like a bitch! The brother has some serious moves that make all the girls (and guys) want to bump and grind just to keep up with him.

In light of the recent loss of one of my favorite musical secret singalongs I dedicate this song to you Dony...

I would just change the lyrics to
'OOOOOOOoo I wanna dance with someDONY, I wanna feel the heat with someDONY. OOOOooo I wanna dance with someDONY, with someDONY who loves me x x

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  1. I love this post and I think I now love Dony without even knowing him! :oP