Monday, July 9, 2012

Backstage pass x

I have spent the last week pouring over the final images from the shoot I did in Byron Bay with a super talented group of creatives.
Before I release the final images I wanted to show you series of behind the scenes shots I snapped on my camera phone in all the craziness. The above photos are from the last day of shooting, Jo - our scottish male lead- had shown me a great picture of Lana Del Ray with a semi naked tattooed guy and a flag backdrop that I fell in love with. 
Phoebe, the amazing make-up artist and myself were taking our turns getting snapped in front of the camera but could not seem to keep our 'sexy faces', instead we spent most of the days in giggle fits.
Gorgeous Jo and Ami working the denim!
I'm sure as the Hair and Make up artist on set Phoebe was simply doing her job! Nice work if you can get it.
Jo toughing out the elements! It was around 10 degrees and I kept asking him to take his shirt off, what a legend!
Although he did get me back by motor-boating me!

Luckily Jo had friends in high ( and creative) places that just happened to have a vintage flag for us to use, so we strung it up and our leading man and lady gave us their best smoldering eyes and it was a wrap!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes and the final shots!

If you just can't possibly wait any longer you can find a selection of shots on our incredible photographers page


  1. hahahah nice photoshoot, YOU ROCK!

    Such a breathtaking specimen!!
    Im in lusty lurve ;)