Sunday, July 15, 2012

Under PRESS-sure x

This month I am proud to announce BABYANYTHING's editorial debut!
We were lucky enough to be featured in 10 pages across two editorials of main fashion in the August issue of Shop Til You Drop magazine.

It was an extra delight to find out that the cover girl for this issue is one of my mega muses, Kate Moss herself!

I could not be more stoked.. stay tuned for more..

The Winter Swell editorial featuring both the Destiny Rings $52 and the C.M Peace necklace $79 both in sterling silver.
The Streets Ahead story shot in NYC featuring  the Destiny Rings $52 and the Keepsake Skull ring $190 both in sterling silver.

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  1. great fotos !
    I love your selections on your posts!!
    u are doing a great work!
    u got +1 follower ;-)

    xxx Ros.e.