Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kiss kiss x Bang bang x

I love Terry Richardson. It's official. I think that he and I share that same thing in our brains that attracts us to 'dirty' things.
Not saying that I am a pervert or anything, infact in day to day life the boyfriend sometimes labels me a prude, but when it comes to art I like it filthy.  Terry's work has appealed to me for years and it just keeps getting better, more graphic and raw. It's like he captures the moment with a model right before the image turns to porn, right there on the cusp, so it is still desirable to the Vogue audience. Terry keeps a wicked photo diary on his website which is worth a perv every now and then. Each time I visit the website I have to stop myself from emailing a request to model for him, because I'm sure it's dirty work.

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