Saturday, January 9, 2010



So it's official. I have an art crush.
His name is James Jirat Patradoon and we are perfect for each other.
I love skulls, he draws em! I love sneakers, he customises em! I love murals, he paints em!
My personal favourite has to be the mexican wrestling masks made out of popular culture patches.

I went to his gallery show the other night at KINOKUNIYA and it was packed! As in couldn't breath, couldn't drink, couldn't move. All the same people were there, but finally the art was different, it was original and I wanted it ALL .
It is a shame I am broke, because as a jeweller silver is not cheap and as a shopper my taste is expensive.
I would have purchased at least 3 prints of skeletons wearing leather jackets and ray-bans.
I wonder if he's considered a barter system. After all a fist full of silver skulls, for a few prints seems a pretty good trade to me x
check him out at

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