Sunday, January 17, 2010

BSB saved me.

So lately as the boyfriends international travel looms above my head I have started to think about moving....
Whilst it's lovely having time to one's shelf, even the most independent personalities get lonely...
I have started thinking of the benefits of living with girlfriends.. the constant company, the clothes swapping, the outfit approval, the cupcake cooking marathons, the sex & the city/ true blood/gossip girl DVD comas.

I forgot how wonderful it is to not make plans. I had the day off today and did nothing. I mean, I cleaned, I read, and then I took a little walk around the area I was thinking of so carelessly leaving behind.....

The Hills. I live in Surry Hills Sydney and after today, I'm staying.

This what the layout of our apartment looks like. ( This is not our actual apartment, trust me there are allot more guitars and artworks on our walls).
I adore the space in which we live and today on my walk I found another big reason to stay.
Bourke Street Bakery.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with sweets.
I could survive on a diet of cake and milkshakes alone.
Once I saw the treats on offer, I knew this area would be my home forever x

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