Monday, January 3, 2011

Hunter gatherer x

Alexander Wang T-shirt, Oneteaspoon leopard shorts, Hunter sandals
Just hanging around on the coast at the mothers palace and thought I'd debut some new sandal styles we have made for the new label 'Hunter'.
babyanything small skull ring, babyanything custom python bracelet
Leather sandal sample from the 'Hunter' range

I've become rather attached to the new Oneteaspoon shorts above. It comes as no great surprise to my close lady friends that I had acquired yet another pair of the spoons denim shorts, that takes the total to 19 pairs now.
I have been digging into the jewellery vault that I keep at the mothers and stumbled across this rad python bracelet I made a while ago and thought I should show it some love.
The sandals are a sample from the new 'Hunter' range the mother and I are designing...
What do you think?


  1. So great .... well done you !!!

  2. these sandals are gorgeous, when will they be available?! I was completely spoilt with a baby anything heart ring for christmas, best surprise in the stocking :) x

  3. I'm glad you liked your ring Zoe, you should email me a pic of you wearing it.. it always makes me giggle a bit seeing my stuff on someone else x
    I'm glad you like the Hunter sandals, I intend on launching a whole Hunter blog and web store very soon so stay tuned x