Sunday, January 9, 2011

Princess Parker x

I have a very special friend who sent me a very special package.
Miss Parker  is one of those little fireworks that come into your life as friends and light up the days that you see them.
She knows I have a slight obsession with skulls and so sent me this unexpected parcel with a beautiful DL & CO notebook and skull ornament along with a super cute print of one of my other addictions-unicorns.

The notebook has already been scribbled in, the Skull ornament has pride of place hanging off my handbag and the print will find a home when I finally find my new home.

I hope you all have a Miss Parker in your life, feel free to check out her 'once in a while musings'


  1. Lucie I had no idea about your unicorn addiction, the skulls yes .... and great little skull it
    is !!!
    Have you seen the Anna-Willi Highfield unicorn sculptures? If I win lotto I will buy you one, that's a promise XXX

  2. Is it the horse one in Bianca Spender?
    Ha ha yes if I win I'll buy you the whole of Sibella Court's store x