Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Locked out x

Vintage Laura Ashley Silk Dress, Nude Leather Wedges by Shubar.
I took advantage of the sunshine over the weekend and had an impromptu photo shoot.

Babyanything Peace Out Necklace, Babyanything Heart ring.

Zara Sherling Jacket

I love looking at other bloggers outfit posts, I just need to work on my posing, I just laughed the whole way through!

Babyanything Small Skull Ring, Small heart pinky ring Tiffany and Co. Babyanything thick silver bracelet.

Just between you and I, I would have loved to add to my Tiffany collection with this baby. 
At $735 I might have to save up. If you feel the need hit it up here bit.ly/Tiffanyonline


  1. photo #4... it's Penny Lane!!

  2. that shearling jacket looks so lush on you, love it!

  3. Love that sheer dress - pretty florals are perfection on you. Who woulda thought?! I'm so used to seeing you in denim and leather...! x