Thursday, May 26, 2011

Riding along on my pushbike honey x

So two weekend ago the amazing Alice in wonderland, Alice's fixie enthusiast bf, myself and my roomie took part in the WOOP rolling festival. The festival was essentially a mass bike ride from Waterloo to Wooloomooloo to promote Sydney's pimped out new bike lanes.

Alice is the cutest girl on the planet so natural she rides in style. Her and her bf James took such good care of me when I was remembering how to ride without training wheels.

The other bikes on display were ridiculous! I think I will develop a bike collecting obsession and want different bikes for each outfit!
I was very proud of my bike though the 'Black Willy' as it got loads of comments and made it onto a couple of bike blogs!

I got willy for christmas last year.
It's named Willy on the bike cause it is actually a boys style.

Alice looked so chic the whole day, barely breaking a sweat as we climbed the hill back up to Taylor Square. She managed to ride in sheer maxi and Beau Coop boots!

She did me proud in her babyanything heart peace sign necklace x

The roomie and I goofed around in our helmets before collapsing after all that exercise.
I did manage to stop at Bourke Street Bakery for treats three times during the day though so that made it worth the punishment x 

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