Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bike girls x

Meet the B.S.B.G.
The 'Bourke Street Bike Girls'.
Well okay we don't really have a club or a gang we just love Bourke Street Bakery and we ride bikes, but everything sounds better as an acronym.

Almost every friday we all ride to Bourke st to fill up on sweet treats before we start our working days. It does sometimes present a problem... If we do go bike riding we have to dress in something that will allow for this, but is this attire appropriate for the workday as well?

Today I had to share with you the outfits of all the girls because not only were they bike ready ( we even have helmets that co-ordinate with our bikes) but they all looked trendy as!

Carmel rocked some fluro blue jeans, KW shades, Happy socks and clogs.

Princess Parker was super cute in Vintage accesorised with a very chic bag her BF bought her.

The newest addition Kate blew us all away with her 'Ice Maiden' bike and new After the Apple bag.

Until next week ladies x x 

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