Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Killing it x

 Thanks to the amazing Carmel I went to see 'The Kills' last night at the Metro.
It was fucking brilliant.
I swear I almost split my cuban heel in half on my boot I was stomping so hard.
They had a leaopard print backdrop which just sealed the deal for me.

Alison Mosshart. Holy shit. What a babe.  Dressed in all black with sweat soaked hair she looked like a modern day Joan Jett. I swear the way she was swaying her hips was giving most of the guys in the audience heart failure.

Jamie Hince. Well as if I wouldn't have a crush on him. He ticks all the boxes. But there is just something about him that is effortless. He's not trying to be cool, it just happens.

But.... amongst all the dancing and drinking and stomping another special guest appeared....

Can you guess?

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