Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gold finger x

I pulled out my 70's gold watch the other day and clashed it with some babyanything and tiffany rings

Carmel was rocking a tiny gold KW diamond ring at Bourke St.

babyanything 18ct gold heart ring with diamond. Vintage 24ct gold and sea pearl ring.

I'm having a bit of a gold moment.
I never used to wear any gold until I was given a vintage name plate necklace by my mum for my 21st. I loved that necklace, anyone who knows me will remember it, it was really delicate, not huge and kitsch like Carries. It had a really fine delicate chain that just rested on your collarbone.

I lost the fucking thing didn't I !?!

I wish I still had it as it would fit in perfectly with the jewellery I'm craving at the moment.
Fine, delicate and SUPER feminine.
I want the kind of jewellery Lux would wear to her prom in the Virgin Suicides.

I made the gold heart ring with the diamond because that's what I would want for an engagement ring. When questioned by past partners I used to say I wouldn't say yes to a proposal unless the ring was a skull head with diamonds for eyes.

A potential suitor replied that they only person he could get to make something like that was ME so therefore I would be let in on the secret and spoil the plan.

Lucky I never did get asked that big question. 

For a number of reasons, but also because in hindsight, the ring would have been all wrong x

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