Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas crazy x

Christmas has kicked in FINALLY! This year has been a bloody tough one so it was nice to get back into some normal christmas activities, like decorating and SHOPPING!  

 We had a much more subdued shopping trip, the mother is taking it easy these days so we did a mini marathon taking in Tuchuzy in Bondi beach, then we hit the Junction and finished off at the Intersection in Paddo!

I managed to bag some J Brand Leopard print jeans, a Bec and Bridge Aukubra and some much needed VANS. But I'll have to wait till the Fat Man comes for them to be officially mine!
We spent the next day decorating our house, we got a little carried away, considering the mothers creativity and the fact that I'm an artist and the sister is a creative director of merchandising it's no surprise the decorations spilled out into the front yard! 

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